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We offer a fixed price for both minor and major servicing for all models of Porsche.  All of our services are carried out to exact Porsche factory specification and we use only Porsche official parts and Porsche approved oils.


From a classic factory restoration to a tribute, outlaw or race project, let us be your perfect choice. We have the experience and expertise to restore any Porsche back to its factory condition. Whatever your requirements, we can accommodate.


Our technicians have years of experience rebuilding air-cooled and water cooled engines.  Whether you have an old air cooled engine that requires a top end or full rebuild, or whether your water cooled engine has suffered from the dreaded bore score, we can rebuild your engine back to factory condition and beyond.

Special offers for your special car. We have some great deals and upgrades for your beloved Porsche. Why not click below to find out more. WELCOME TO CAVENDISHPORSCHA LTD Independent Porsche Specialist. We are a Porsche specialist based in Long Eaton, Nottingh [...]


Frequently Asked Questions
Short answer is 'No'.  Since block exemption in 2003, the Motor Code of Industry Practice states "You will continue to benefit from the manufacturer's new car warranty whilst the car is serviced to the manufacturer's recommendations, even if this service is carried out by an independent service/repair outlet."Yes, we can offer FREE courtesy cars, subject to availability.  Please enquire at the time of booking. Should we supply a courtesy car, we will require a copy of your driving licence and ask that you return the vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel as when you collected it.Not at Present.  However, we do use a local company that can recover your vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident. Further to this, if you are not a member of a vehicle national recovery service, it maybe worth checking with your bank?  Depending on the type of bank account you have, most banks offer a vehicle recovery service as part of their banking products attached to your current account.For new cars with petrol engines, we use Mobil 1 New Life 0W-40 fully synthetic engine oil. For petrol water cooled cars, we use Mobil Super 3000 X1 5W-40 which is a fully synthetic engine oil. For Cayenne, Macan and Panamera diesel engine w [...]

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We understand your exact requirements. A great service at a great price!

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.
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