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Evans Waterless Coolant – No Water, No Problems!

CavendishPorscha Ltd are authorised agents for Evans Waterless Coolant. This revolutionary product is catching the attention of many Porsche enthusiasts, Porsche press and Specialists.

So what is it?

First used in engines some 100 years ago, water-based coolants are universally acknowledged to have inherent physical and chemical limitations that effect long-term reliability, increase maintenance costs and often restrict engine performance. Statistics published by manufacturers and motoring organisations confirm, that water is the root cause for 60% of engine breakdowns and 40% of catastrophic failures. Whilst internal damage goes mostly unnoticed in new engines, the cumulative effects of corrosion, cavitation and cyclic pressurisation become increasingly apparent over time. For decades engine designers and antifreeze formulators have persisted with water whilst endeavouring to overcome its intrinsic shortcomings.  In 1993, Jack Evans formulated a synthetic coolant which eliminated corrosion, erosion, overheating, significantly reduced system pressure and maintained heat transfer equilibrium. Over the last twenty years Evans waterless engine coolants have been tested and proven by OEM’s, fleet operators, racing teams, professional restorers, plant operators and automotive aficionados to increase reliability and reduce operating costs. The high boiling point of Evans coolants are also facilitating improvements in engine design, performance and fuel economy. Evans products are certified non-toxic and documented to last 20 years without need for replacement or top-up. Why not visit Evans website for more information at

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